Our specialist team are ready to construct, erect, install, finish and repair wooden and metal structures and fixtures used on the inside and outside of buildings, both for residential and commercial constructions. 

The experienced carpenters will handle your projects performing: 

  • setting out an outline of the building on the ground with string and pegs to allow for excavations;

  • erecting the floor and wall framework (timber or metal), pitching the roof, erecting suspended ceilings and laying timber floors;

  • reading plans and specifications;

  • installing metal and timber windows and sashes, and metal and timber doors;

  • constructing and erecting prefabricated units, eg cottages and houses;

  • door instalation. 

Our skilled joiners may perform tasks including:

  • manufacturing items such as window frames, sashes and doors;

  • manufacturing architectural joinery and staircases;

  • interpreting working drawings or plans; 

  • selecting materials and marking out components required for specific designs.

Carpentry and Joinery